Frequently Asked Questions about Hiring Stephen Fairley
as Your Law Firm Marketing Coach or Speaker
1. Why Should We Hire Stephen?

Reason #1:  Proven Results with Law Firm Marketing

Stephen's law firm marketing presentations and Rainmaker seminars are recognized for producing solid results for attorneys and law firms across the country. Over 9,000 attorneys from across the county have benefited from implementing his proven Rainmaker Marketing System.

Here are some of the results attorneys have achieved because of Stephen:

  • 6 person law firm in Orange County, CA generated over $500,000 in new revenues after a 2 day in house seminar
  • 6 person law firm in New York City saved $119,347 in recurring expenses
  • With a mere $50,000 investment in a law firm marketing plan, Los Angeles law firm reduced it’s annual advertising budget by 30% (saving over $475,000) and saw an increase in overall revenues by $751,247 in the following 12 months
  • 4 person law firm in Los Angeles saved $51,435 in recurring expenses
A law firm partner learned to implement a system that saved him $168,000 and 480 hours per year

I’ve been working with Stephen Fairley for 3 years and he’s nothing short of an excellent law firm marketing coach. He’s very conscious of getting the maximum results for your marketing dollars, and he’s definitely a 21st Century marketing guy who has identified the successful law firm marketing techniques using the latest technology.

My own marketing efforts and impact have expanded greatly with his coaching suggestions, and he’s also a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend him as a marketing consultant for law firms.”
—R. Brennan, Esq, Partner
Brennan, Weiner & Associates
NACA California State Coordinator
“What an amazingly insightful seminar! Great advice! I have walked away with 3 specific ideas I intend to implement within the next 30 days.”
- Karen Abrams, Associate, Real Estate, Montclair, NJ
“Well worth the money. Brings traditional marketing techniques into focus and explains how to market over the Internet in a dignified manner.”
- Robert Shepherd, Partner, Intellectual Property, Princeton, NJ

Reason #2:  Real World Business Building Experience

Stephen has served in leadership positions at four companies including:

CEO and Managing Partner of The Rainmaker Institute, LLC, the nation’s largest law firm marketing company specializing in small law firms

President of Touch Media, Inc, a Chicago based software development firm

CEO at WorldCast Technologies, a hi-tech B2B start-up in Chicago

CEO of TechMaven, an organizational development consulting firm in Virginia

Stephen does not just talk about business development theories, his expertise comes from growing companies and working with over 9,000 lawyers in the trenches day in and day out.

Stephen walks his talk and he’s constantly updating his skills and researching the market so you don’t have to.

“Stephen Fairley presents a clear and compelling path to marketing success. His tips on "making rain" will leave you needing an umbrella wherever you go!”

—Jonathan Pink, JD, Partner (Costa Mesa, CA)

Reason #3:  Specific Experience in the Legal Industry

Stephen has extensive experience as a Law Firm Marketing Coach and has worked with over 9,000 attorneys from law firms all across the country to help them get more and better clients, generate consistent and high quality referrals and automate their marketing so they can earn more by working less.

You simply will not find another law firm marketing coach that has the background, knowledge and legal industry expertise that Stephen does.

For more detailed information, please see Stephen’s bio.

“For the first time I can remember, I now have a clear strategy for getting more business. Stephen Fairley is great!”

—Gail Owen-Smith, Esq (Long Beach, CA)

Reason #4:  International Best Selling Author

He is the international best-selling author of 12 books and 7 audio programs including:

Reason #5:  Practical Action Steps

When it comes to helping attorneys market their law firm, Stephen's philosophy is, “Inspirational stories and motivational speeches are good, but often don’t produce lasting results. My goal as a speaker is to go beyond motivation to transformation; beyond education to application.

“I will help you identify the specific Action Steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals, then tap into your internal motivation by showing you how following these Steps will help you increase your performance and profits.”

Stephen is known for always leaving his audiences with several specific Action Steps they can implement in the next 30 to 60 days to get them closer to their goals.


Unlike other marketing seminars, this was specific and practical. I feel that I have the tools to start developing my practice immediately, and importantly, the motivation to do so.”

— Vanessa Kelly, Partner (Annandale, NJ)

Reason #6:  100% Satisfaction Guarantee

A true sign of a professional is their willingness to stand behind the quality of their work. Stephen's presentations, keynotes, workshops, programs and products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of his work then simply notify him within 30 days and he will gladly refund your money (minus expenses).
2. What is it like to work with Stephen?

Stephen Fairley is a consummate and dedicated professional and he’ll treat you and your staff with the high level of respect they deserve. He understands what it takes to pull off events and how difficult it can be to begin new initiatives with people so he is willing to adapt to what each individual group needs.

He values your time as much as his own and makes it a practice to respond to all phone and email requests about speaking and presenting within 2-8 hours. You will continue to experience that same level of responsiveness from the moment you hire him to the end of your relationship.

And, let me warn you. If you’re looking for a dull, boring or tired speaker or coach, don’t hire Stephen! Stephen’s presentations create excitement, are highly interactive and engaging and thrive in a lively and fun atmosphere. The other great thing about Stephen is that he always under-promises and over-delivers. He consistently exceeds all of his client’s expectations and he often includes any of the following at no additional charge:

  • A 1 hour post-program evaluation and outcome session
  • Facilitation of a Q&A session with your group after his presentation
  • Acting as the Master of Ceremonies for your dinner or lunch session before or after his presentation
  • Giving your senior partners a law firm marketing coaching session
When you hire Stephen Fairley you will walk away from the experience not only motivated, but also equipped to take action. Many professional speakers and business coaches today see “motivation” as the end result, but Stephen views motivation as just one of the keys people need in order to achieve the end result, which is action.

3. Where can I get more information about Stephen’s programs?

Stephen offers a variety of programs to fit the unique needs of your firm.  Contact Us at 888-588-5891 for more information.

4. What are Stephen’s rates?

Because Stephen offers a variety of different programs to meet the unique needs of his clients, it is difficult to give you a quote until we know exactly what you’re looking for. To help us understand your needs, please fill out our
contact form and we will get in touch with you very soon. Generally, his rates are $8,000 to $15,000 per day plus travel expenses and first class airfare.

Here are some variables that will determine the rate:

  • Length of program: Is this a ½ day, full day or multi-day program?
  • Location: Stephen travels from Phoenix so West Coast locations are less than East Coast locations
  • Long-term Relationship or One Time: Are you simply looking for a 1 time presentation or are you looking for a long-term relationship with a law firm marketing expert?
  • Level of Involvement: Is this a group facilitation, an analysis of your law firm, or a group presentation?
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