Rainmaker Retreat
This 2-day live marketing bootcamp for small law firms has helped attorneys from hundreds of law firms across the country discover how to generate more referrals and find new clients fast by applying the proven Rainmaker Marketing System.

If you're struggling to market your law practice or want to learn a proven law firm marketing system for landing more and better clients and creating a financially successful and personally satisfying legal practice then you owe it to yourself to discover our Rainmaker Retreat.   During this powerful 2-day live law firm marketing seminar you will discover:  

  • 5 Proven Strategies to get more attention, command more respect, and charge  higher fees
  • A Step-by-Step Approach to Create Dozens of Strategic Referral Partners in less than 6 months
  • How to Create a Steady Stream of New Prospects
  • The 7 Ways to Find More Clients and How to Pick the Best Ones for Your Firm
  • How to Write a Powerful Press Release so clients come looking for you
  • The Single Most Important Principle required for Attracting New Clients Online
For a detailed explanation of this 2-day legal marketing retreat please visit http://www.RainmakerRetreat.com

“This program presents a clear and compelling path to marketing success. These tips on "making rain" will leave you needing an umbrella wherever you go!”

Jonathan Pink, JD, Partner (Costa Mesa, CA)
“It has taken me 30 years of trial & error to learn many of the techniques that I learned in 1 evening! This is an incredibly focused and practical seminar.”
—Michael Pfiefer, Esq,. Managing Partner (Santa Ana, CA)
“This program  caused a breakthrough for me. The ideas and enthusiasm this program created in me just won't quit!”
—Miranda Dempsey, JD, Partner (Tustin, CA)


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